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The secure communication app for your healthcare practice.

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Separate your Professional & Private Life

The app offers you a centralised professional communication platform which is completely separate from your personal and social apps, thereby limiting the risk of breaching confidentiality or exposing clinical information. This also translates to an effective work-life balance where you can manage your time and exposure to professional duties after-hours. It allows you to maintain your professionalism, while preserving and protecting your personal and private life.

Safe & Secure

in·dialogue is an industry-specific mobile app for healthcare professionals to communicate with other healthcare professionals and/or existing patients through the use of a secure, confidential platform.

Stay Compliant

It is a healthcare specific app that addresses the clinical and confidentiality risks of current consumer apps through the incorporation of access and authentication controls as well as compliance with POPIA and regulatory board requirements.

Streamline and Maintain Health Records

Valuable clinical information is often discussed via consumer apps which often gets lost on our personal devices or across different platforms. in·dialogue has been designed to capture and store all patient-related communication into personalised folders for easy export and integration into existing healthcare records.

App Features

in•dialogue is designed to streamline all communication. It incorporates different platforms which allows you to communicate with other practitioners and/or patients, both individually and in groups. Included is a care team portal which acts as a virtual MDT to facilitate interdisciplinary communication for best patient care. Furthermore, all clinical information related to a particular patient is linked to the patients folder, allowing for easy export of clinical data.


Critical Integrations

Key features


Enhanced Security

End-to-end encryption and SSL certified to protect your data.

Verification of practitioner’s identity and professional affiliation.

Password protection to avoid unauthorised and accidental access to clinical information.

Anonymised message notifications to secure patient privacy.

All information, including photos, is stored in the app, not on your phone.

Unique codes for patients and practitioner’s to correctly identify and easily connect with each other.


Features designed specifically with the Health Care Professional in mind.

Easily connect with other verified practitioner’s using our database by searching their name, profession or unique code.

An automatically generated clinical folder for every patient.

Easy structuring of clinical information using subject headings and ability to end dialogues or topics as needed.

The ability to schedule send communication gives you the freedom to work at convenient times or after hours.

Streamlined exporting process.


Designated Portals

Patient Dialogue: Communicate securely with your patients individually or in groups.

Health Care Professionals Dialogue: Connect with colleagues individually or in groups about anything work related, including possible referrals.

Care Team Dialogues: Create a virtual MDT with relevant healthcare professionals and/or your patient.


Download the App and register your account.


Connect with your colleagues and/or patients.

Start your Dialogues

Start communicating with the knowledge that you are on a secure platform.

Make the move towards compliance

In order to uphold compliance and fulfill clinical responsibilities to patients, our platform offers a comprehensive set of features. This includes safeguarding patient privacy as a top priority, ensuring absolute ownership of all data within the application with no involvement from advertising or third parties. Additionally, our system facilitates secure coordination of patient care, allowing seamless exportation of clinical information into healthcare records. By minimizing risks associated with electronic communication, our platform empowers healthcare professionals to maintain a robust and secure environment. Furthermore, it enables practitioners to uphold and preserve their professional identity with utmost confidence.

Optimising Patient Care with in·dialogue

Working in the independent healthcare sector, practitioners; Tanya Oosthuyzen and Donita Rodrigues, found themselves relying on consumer communication apps to share personal patient information.

While some institutions have secure, internal communication platforms, there was nothing available for all healthcare practitioners to use directly from their personal phone, without compromising on compliance, security and professionalism.

in·dialogue is thus the first widely-accessible, secure South African communication app for all healthcare practitioners, which is designed specifically to meet the growing needs for optimal patient care through the appropriate use of technology.

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Customisable notifications

Gain control of your availability and privacy through easy toggling

Video and
voice-to-text functionality

All forms of
communication at
your fingertips

Additional portals

Extra portals for collaboration, practice management and more


The benefit of working
more efficiently from
your desktop

Refined UI

New and improved user interface

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Your Conversations, Fortified and Private.

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